Mirage V3

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Mirage is a modern deck of playing cards conceptualised by magician-slash-graphic-designer Patrick Kun with assistance from Simon Black.

Printed by the Legends Playing Card Company (LPCC), the Mirage deck features LPCC’s new Cardistry Finish card stock, a super soft and ‘papery’ feeling stock which requires no break-in period.

These cards are traditionally cut with Legends’ Diamond Cut process, yielding ultra smooth edges that faro effortlessly from the bottom to top. With a silky coating and quality reminiscent of Bicycle #808 decks from the early 90’s, MIRAGE is perfect for any card enthusiasts sleight of hand, Cardistry, or gambling needs.

As is always the case with LPCC, the borders on these playing cards are registered to extremely tight tolerances, as their standards allow for zero imperfections. This deck has had a marking system added to the backs with a link inside the box revealing the way it works.

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